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                        You have left Costco.com and are now on the Bali Blinds website. You have left Costco.com and are now on the Bali Blinds website. Available exclusively online for Costco members, this site includes information, shopping tools and online ordering. View Bali's Privacy Policy.

                        With nearly 70 new designer fabrics, we help you create your personal style in every space. Explore Roller and Solar Shades

                        Custom Blinds & Shades

                        You'll love them for years

                        Complimentary shipping in the U.S.*

                        Give Our Samples a Try

                        It's the no-commitment way to see our fabrics in your home.

                        Satisfy Your Practical Side

                        What do you need?

                        Easy Energy Efficiency

                        Bali Cellular Shades trap air for a layer of year-round insulation.

                        Bali Solar Shades shield your rooms from the sun, giving your air conditioner a helping hand.

                        Light, Your Way

                        Bali CellularRoller, and Classic Roman Shades offer four levels of opacity, including true blackout optionsno liners required!

                        Peace of Mind

                        All Bali products with AutoView motorized control or cordless control have been certified Best for Kids. Look for the Best for Kids logo!

                        Style, Simplified

                        What do you love?


                        Weve combined our best-in-industry Bali customer service with the Costco warranty you love. So you always get exactly what you wantworry free. Learn More

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