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                        Fishing for the future

                        Learn about Rock Lobster and sustainable fishing efforts to ensure there’s lobster to enjoy for generations.

                        This video was produced in partnership with Great Big Story

                        5 Days.
                        5 Deals.
                        Just $15.*

                        Win every weekday with a different deal from 11am to 6pm. We call it our Weekday Win Menu. Join us every weekday for a different deal. It’s our new Weekday Win Menu.

                        *Subject to change or end without notice.Pricing and participation may vary.

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                        Happy Hour

                        Join us for tasty appetizers, cold drinks, and great deals.
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                        Dive Into

                        Make every trip to Red Lobster more rewarding with My Red Lobster Rewards! Join today and get 75 bonus points toward your first reward.

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                            HELP WITH NUTRITION
                            AND ALLERGIES

                            If you're watching
                            what you eat,
                            we can help
                            you find
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                            Show Us How You Rock The Lobster

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